Chocolate is a really yummy and superb fast food. Many of us like it including me as well. There are various type and flavor of chocolate. Such as Dairy Milk, Clock 9, Snaps, and many more that you can find it anytime and anywhere.

Child especially really like chocolate because for them it is really delicious food.
But many of us try to avoid it because chocolate can increase our body fat.It contain many sugar and carbohydrate that are not good towards our health if we eat to much of it. Chocolate also can make us more percentage to get many infection of illness. Such as obesity and so on. Sometimes people especially girl expect that chocolate can make them fat and finally will ugly looking as their weight increase.
Although chocolate have many negative perspective from people out there, it also actually give us many advantages from eat it. Chocolate can make us release our tension and reduce our negative hormone and will make someone feel happy when eat it. There are some research said that dark chocolate can reduce our high blood pressure and also decrease our bad cholesterol. Actually chocolate didn't impact our cholesterol. It just contain 1/3 oleic acid, 1/3 stearic acid, and 1/3 paltimic acid of fat that refer to heart disease. That means only 1/3 of fat in chocolate can effect our body fat.
For me chocolate doesn't give any bad effect to me and it just make me more relax when eat it. But make sure that you not eat chocolate to much because it is not good for your teeth and health. After eat chocolate make sure that you all drink more water but not sweet water. For those who are really like chocolate like me, you must control in taking chocolate. For example just take chocolate 3 days in a week.

Actually chocolate can be in many type of food. Such as in baking cakes, breads, junk food, water, ice- cream, sweets, and so on. That why most child like to eat chocolate compare to older person as all the food that have chocolate they like. For people that make food that use chocolate, they must make sure that taking in appropriate quantity of chocolate in their ingredient. People nowadays especially housewife have already try new business cupcake. They baked it from chocolate and create various of decoration to make it more interesting for people to buy it. Chocolate just not can control our diet and reduce tension but it also can create income for us. Just at home we can create income from chocolate.There are some interesting decoration that we can make for the cupcake that make from chocolate

It also have various price with different decoration that they make..
So it proof that chocolate have many advantages in our life although
some people may think it in negative side effect in our life.


LALA90 said...

emmmm..i like very much chocolate..
it very delicious food..
it better then we eat junk food right..