Mobile Technology In The World

Mobile internet, which had just been a distant dream till a few years ago is progressing so fast today that it is revolutionizing the entire framework of communication technology today. Mobile internet is basically an extension of the internet on mobile devices which allows the users to access internet even while they are on a move. However, that is not the only function of mobile internet.

Mobile internet is a lot more than that. It is an integration of telecommunication technologies and internet in such a way that it provides solutions to all types of communication requirements of man today. With the amount of progress which has been achieved in wireless technology, sophisticated software and hardware design, the way we communicate has changed in quite a major way.

In the last few years, not only has the use of cell phones increased in quite a dramatic way, but the way that people prefer to communicate and stay in touch with the world has changed too. People today are always on the move, and for this reason, the best way to stay in touch with others is through mobile internet. Today, with high technology cell phones which support numerous internet functions, people are using their favorite social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter while they are on the move.

Mobile broadband technology- speed on the go

Mobile broadband technology is the next generation evolution which changed the way how we communicated. Basically, with the help of mobile broadband, the computer users can surf the internet, send and receive email from anywhere they like even outside their home.

Mobile broadband works on the same technology on which cell phones work. It is all about the radio frequencies and waves. The cell phone radio towers and cell phones send packets of information back and forth through radio waves. For cell phone broadband, the information packets can be data like streaming video, music files, web pages and e-mails.

Basically, there are two technologies which are used to operate the networks of cell phones- CDMA (Code division multiple access) and GSM (Global System for mobile communications). GSM is quite popular in Asia and Europe while CDMA is popular in the US. There are quite major differences between these systems and the way that they operate. Both of these use different types of algorithms which allow several cell phone users to share the same frequency without interfering the usage of others.

Mobile broadband is known as third generation mobile technology or 3G. CDMA and GSM both have their 3G technology solutions for allowing users to deliver high speed access to the internet on mobile devices.

Mobile internet and broadband technology is the new trend in cell phone users. People prefer to listen to music, watch videos, send and receive emails and communicate to each other while they are on the move, and to be able to do that they need mobile broadband or mobile internet. With so many people hooked on to the virtual world and the mobile technologies, there is no doubt that there would still be many more developments in this field.

In the past 15 years, the internet has fundamentally changed the way we work, play and communicate. Evolving wireless and mobile broadband technologies are now enabling the next major wave — the Mobile Internet. The next-generation Mobile Internet will enable consumers and businesses to connect and access new types of applications and new forms of information wherever and whenever they want. The development of this new Mobile Internet marketplace has just begun.

In the next decade, the expansion of the Mobile Internet will likely be the fastest growing marketplace in the telecommunications industry.


Chocolate is a really yummy and superb fast food. Many of us like it including me as well. There are various type and flavor of chocolate. Such as Dairy Milk, Clock 9, Snaps, and many more that you can find it anytime and anywhere.

Child especially really like chocolate because for them it is really delicious food.
But many of us try to avoid it because chocolate can increase our body fat.It contain many sugar and carbohydrate that are not good towards our health if we eat to much of it. Chocolate also can make us more percentage to get many infection of illness. Such as obesity and so on. Sometimes people especially girl expect that chocolate can make them fat and finally will ugly looking as their weight increase.
Although chocolate have many negative perspective from people out there, it also actually give us many advantages from eat it. Chocolate can make us release our tension and reduce our negative hormone and will make someone feel happy when eat it. There are some research said that dark chocolate can reduce our high blood pressure and also decrease our bad cholesterol. Actually chocolate didn't impact our cholesterol. It just contain 1/3 oleic acid, 1/3 stearic acid, and 1/3 paltimic acid of fat that refer to heart disease. That means only 1/3 of fat in chocolate can effect our body fat.
For me chocolate doesn't give any bad effect to me and it just make me more relax when eat it. But make sure that you not eat chocolate to much because it is not good for your teeth and health. After eat chocolate make sure that you all drink more water but not sweet water. For those who are really like chocolate like me, you must control in taking chocolate. For example just take chocolate 3 days in a week.

Actually chocolate can be in many type of food. Such as in baking cakes, breads, junk food, water, ice- cream, sweets, and so on. That why most child like to eat chocolate compare to older person as all the food that have chocolate they like. For people that make food that use chocolate, they must make sure that taking in appropriate quantity of chocolate in their ingredient. People nowadays especially housewife have already try new business cupcake. They baked it from chocolate and create various of decoration to make it more interesting for people to buy it. Chocolate just not can control our diet and reduce tension but it also can create income for us. Just at home we can create income from chocolate.There are some interesting decoration that we can make for the cupcake that make from chocolate

It also have various price with different decoration that they make..
So it proof that chocolate have many advantages in our life although
some people may think it in negative side effect in our life.

Mobile Computing and Communications

The most familiar aspect of mobile computing technology is the hand phone. About two decades ago, a hand phone was bulky and was only used for voice communication. It was merely an extension of the fixed line telephony that allowed users to keep in touch with colleagues. Now the hand phone is not only used for voice communication, it is also used to send text and multimedia messages. Future mobile devices will not only enable Internet access, but will also support high-speed data services.

In addition to the hand phone, various types of mobile devices are now available, for example, personal digital assistants (PDA) and pocket personal computers (PCs). Road warriors use mobile devices to access up-to-date information from the corporate database. A police officer at a crime scene may send a fingerprint picked up there for matching with data in a central database through a wireless network, hence leading to faster identifipocation and arrest of potential suspects. The global positioning system (GPS) is used in search and rescue missions, for monitoring and preservation of wildlife, and for vehicle theft prevention. Though many of us are unaware of when mobile computing technology is being used, it has permeated all aspects of our lives.

What is mobile computing? Simply defined, it is the use of a wireless network infrastructure to provide anytime, anywhere communications and access to information. There are many aspects of mobile computing and, sometimes, different terms are used to refer to them. This chapter gives an overview of what mobile computing has to offer and how it improves the quality of our lives. Later chapters discuss the underlying wireless networks and technologies that make mobile computing applications possible.


LAUGHING is a subjective word that many of us always do it and practice it. But do we know what is laughing all about and why we laugh. Many of us like to laugh anytime and anywhere. Especially when our surrounding make joke. Such as our friend or when watching a comedy movie. Just like me, i also like to laugh because can give us many advantages.


1)Laugh can reduce our stress hormone and increase the numbers of antibody producing cells and enhances the effectiveness of the cells.

2)Laugh also good for our health. The researchers have found that people with heart disease were 40 percent less likely to laugh in variety of situations compared to people of the same age without hearth disease. Laugh is therapy for burns our calories, help arteries, and boost blood flow and that why it can take a good care for our health.

3)Laugh also can make our muscle exercise for awhile.

4)With laughing, we can reduce our anger, guilt, stress, and negative emotions and also prevent us from doing something that uncontrolled of us.

5)Laughing also can make us always smile and easy for people to become close with us.It also make it us more young than our age.

6)Laughing will make us more productive, a better communicator, and superior team player and will get you more friend.

7)Make your life more comfortable as you can reduce your life and enjoy your life.
Actually there are many advantages that we can get from laugh in our life. The benefit include all important in our life. Such as our relationship with people and more important towards our health. We can laugh in many ways. Such as watching comedy movie, someone makes jokes to us, or we see video that can make us laugh.


Let's read article about information system.....

The largest growth in most economies is coming from 'information' industries. The success of such knowledge-based organizations lies in their information systems. Also, forced by technological change and globalization of markets, many manufacturing industries are also placing increasing emphasis upon information systems. Information systems are more than just computer programs. Though information and communications technologies are playing an increasing role in meeting organizations’ information needs, an information system is a much more general concept. It refers to the wider systems of people, data and activities, both computer-based and manual, that effectively gather, process, store and disseminate organizations’ information.

Information Systems not Computer Science

Information systems, as a discipline, focuses on exploring the interface between management, information science and computer science. Computer Science focuses on information technology: software. Information Systems mediates the two opposing worlds of human activity systems and information technology.

Career Prospect In Information System

A recent survey by the Association for Computing Machinery established buoyancy in the IT jobs market, exceeding that of the market at the peak of the IT boom, six years ago. Also, throughout the current decade, salaries in this area have increased, year on year. Consequently, knowledge of the state of the art in information systems development, application and management is at a premium in the workplace. This knowledge can be deployed in a range of professional positions, including information systems consultancy, systems analysis and design, and information systems project management. There are also positions in research and education concerned with advanced studies in information systems.

What Can You Get From Information System

The value of the information systems professional stems from a breadth of knowledge and skills. Requirements of an information system are to do with the people and organizations that the system must serve, as well as IT capabilities. Consequently, the field is a multidisciplinary one, which requires specialist knowledge of the computer world, the world of organization and people for whom the system must process information, and the professional skills and knowledge to make the former work for the latter. Not least, the information systems professional will have communication and interpersonal skills, for example, needed to elicit those requirements and communicate analysis and designs to decision makers.

A graduate from an information system programmed will have studied each of these aspects to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge which they will be able to apply confidently in organizations of all kinds. Reflecting the multi disciplinarian of the field, Information Systems degree programmers offer a carefully chosen mix of social, management and technical aspects, such as: information systems within the contexts of organization, management and the information society; computing knowledge and skills in programming, computer architectures and networks; techniques for information systems analysis and design, including database design methods, and related professional and legal knowledge.
After completing, graduates may go on to take up a specialist information systems management positions - such as information systems manager, IT manager, corporate IT administrator or information systems consultant, to name but a few possibilities - but more broadly you will gain a solid foundation for taking up a variety of work roles in this rapidly changing society.

my lurve

Let read about my person that i really love..
Without her, i never be here until now...
she give me spirit to be more good human..
She is my beloved mother..
she just turn 45 years old this year..
She was born on 12 January 1964 at Selat Panjang,Indonesia
She have 8 sibling and she the second elder sister in the family..
Her mother name is Hadik and father is Daing Manrapi
She come to Malaysia around year 1984..
and she get married with my father in 29 March 1989..
She only has one daughter..
Now she work at stall at Batu Pahat,Johor..
Although she didn't have any higher education and qualified to have more good work..
She is very strong mother and more better that man strong..
She is very hardworking and very patient woman..
She will do anything to fulfill her daughter needed although sometimes she felt very difficult to do it..
Her tears will always come as her daughter get good result in study..
It shows her happiness and felt that all their tiredness will loss when she saw her daughter be successful..
She like planting and hang out with her best friend when she has free time..
She is really good cookers..
and all her cook are very delicious especially "ayam masak merah" and "tempe goreng kicap"..
She is really talkative person and person who with friend her will not feel bored and always laugh..