LAUGHING is a subjective word that many of us always do it and practice it. But do we know what is laughing all about and why we laugh. Many of us like to laugh anytime and anywhere. Especially when our surrounding make joke. Such as our friend or when watching a comedy movie. Just like me, i also like to laugh because can give us many advantages.


1)Laugh can reduce our stress hormone and increase the numbers of antibody producing cells and enhances the effectiveness of the cells.

2)Laugh also good for our health. The researchers have found that people with heart disease were 40 percent less likely to laugh in variety of situations compared to people of the same age without hearth disease. Laugh is therapy for burns our calories, help arteries, and boost blood flow and that why it can take a good care for our health.

3)Laugh also can make our muscle exercise for awhile.

4)With laughing, we can reduce our anger, guilt, stress, and negative emotions and also prevent us from doing something that uncontrolled of us.

5)Laughing also can make us always smile and easy for people to become close with us.It also make it us more young than our age.

6)Laughing will make us more productive, a better communicator, and superior team player and will get you more friend.

7)Make your life more comfortable as you can reduce your life and enjoy your life.
Actually there are many advantages that we can get from laugh in our life. The benefit include all important in our life. Such as our relationship with people and more important towards our health. We can laugh in many ways. Such as watching comedy movie, someone makes jokes to us, or we see video that can make us laugh.


DhiYa KiRaNa said...

it a nice article...n i agree with this article..laughing make ur life more meaningful and cheerful....
although..we are sad that time...laughing can be as a cure for you at that time..n laughing will turn ur sad into happiness time ...

LALA90 said...

haha..i like laughing..
it true when we laugh it reduce our tension..
especially for student like us..
but make sure too much laugh..